“The whole thing felt pornographic”

While I’m delighted that another anti-gay crusader bites the dust, I was uneasy with how Miami New Times approached the story like ninth graders writing their first book report on sex. By the time I read last Thursday’s update I was really pissed off. After meeting Jo-Vanni Roman in a hotel room at one inContinue reading ““The whole thing felt pornographic””

Who’s the foal?

If you’re following the Arizona primaries, you’re familiar with the splendidly named J.D. Hayworth (imagine a whiskered Roosevelt-hating plutocrat from a thirties Katherine Hepburn film). In a campaign speech yesterday, Haysworth evokes noted bestiality expert Rick Santorum. Hayworth, during an interview with an Orlando, Fla., radio station explained: “You see, the Massachusetts Supreme Court, whenContinue reading “Who’s the foal?”

“Was I behind the curve?”

From Roger Ebert’s “Making Out Is Its Own Reward” post, his reflections on college life before the sexual revolution: It was one night in the Capitol that I saw for the first time one man kiss another one full on the lips. This took place among guys we knew at the next table over. IContinue reading ““Was I behind the curve?””