A marked man on a marked man occasion

But flood-tide comes though long the ebb, Nor patience bides with passion long; Like sightless orbs his thoughts are rolled Arraigning heaven as compromised in wrong… –Herman Melville To account for the non-committal terror which seizes me up on morning walks and when Twitter proves most demoralizing would mean mapping out the congruence between theContinue reading “A marked man on a marked man occasion”

Caught between waves

When Miami’s oldest independent bookstore lifted its mask mandate last week, I realized most county residents had decided they needed a glimpse of what life in February 2020 even if it meant seeing chins, cheeks, lips, and, my god, facial hair best hidden from a cruel world. I’ll defy the consensus: “we” haven’t decreed COVIDContinue reading “Caught between waves”

‘This abdication of leadership is criminal’

After a giddy hour on a flight home clicking through the UN’s climate change report, I reached a conclusion: Floridians don’t give a good goddamn about the damage wrought to our state by arrogance, a belief in our immortality, a conviction that nature is meant for man’s exploitation, and a boundless greed.

If the skeeters don’t get ya, the gators will: Songs about Florida

“The state with the prettiest name,” Elizabeth Bishop wrote during the era when air conditioning was as rare as an integrated diner. Florida is like that: sundry contradictions that won’t even brush up against each other dialectically. I’ve done my par to explain our maniacal politics; Miami-Dade County went from Barack Obama handily and HilaryContinue reading “If the skeeters don’t get ya, the gators will: Songs about Florida”

What’s cool about Florida?

“Between the humidity, the sinkholes, the right-wing Latin Americans, the climate change, Ron DeSantis and the people who vote for him, what exactly is the appeal of Florida?” Eric Loomis asks at Lawyers, Guns & Money about the state with the prettiest name. “I guess it is that old people don’t care about the futureContinue reading “What’s cool about Florida?”

Getting my jab — call it ‘liberty of contact’

At the end of the aisle, over which a dingy sign announced the location of eye care products and an uncomputerized product called a cough cold tablet, this Navarro Pharmacy had set up a vaccine waiting area. A rent-a-cop rather sourly flipped through a periodiquito. I settled into my socially distanced lawn chair ready toContinue reading “Getting my jab — call it ‘liberty of contact’”

From the annals of MAGAlandia

Here is an example of a story that can happen anywhere MAGAs roam the land but has special poignance because it took place in Florida (the state with the prettiest name!). In line to pay, the woman got too close to a man who asked her in Spanish to please maintain her distance. She ignoredContinue reading “From the annals of MAGAlandia”

How the GOP wins in Florida

“I can have a reasonable conversation with any Republican elected official about any issue—except voting,” Dan Gelber, a former House minority leader who is now the mayor of Miami Beach, told me. “When you bring up voting, the Darth Vader mask comes up right away. You can tell—their consultants have said to them, ‘This isContinue reading “How the GOP wins in Florida”

Annals of malevolence

Those alive in 2000 remember the embarrassment of being a resident of Florida (the state with the prettiest name!). These institutional flaws persisted into 2018. Yet thanks to the unusually large percentage of seniors, our mail-in/absentee ballot system shows more strengths than in some liberal states. For one, Florida verifies signatures twenty-two days before ElectionContinue reading “Annals of malevolence”

‘If a person does not wish to remove the mask they will be asked to leave’

While the number of cases in Florida (the state with the prettiest name!) has trended downward in the last ten days, I can count on my fellow citizens for abject stupidity and stupid malice. Let me turn to Ocala, best known for the juncture point at which Turnpike travelers switch to I-75 should they headContinue reading “‘If a person does not wish to remove the mask they will be asked to leave’”