Watch this space in two months….

Marc Caputo and Ryan Lizza’s nightly POLITICO newsletter includes a bit so obvious that it’s a wonder they understand its implications. Should Joe Biden win the presidency, he will, like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, inherit an economy in flames. What will the GOP do? We know what happens to the Republican opposition in WashingtonContinue reading “Watch this space in two months….”

How to kill Social Security

An atmosphere of perpetual crisis is more likely to doom Social Security: With a fight over Social Security brewing in the new Republican Congress, advocates are worried that a possible GOP angle is to turn Social Security into a perennial crisis in much the same way raising the debt limit has become. By setting upContinue reading “How to kill Social Security”

So I consulted Reagan’s diaries on the debt ceiling…

I own The Reagan Diaries. Ninety percent of its entries are, to cite official biographer Edmund Morris, boring enough to glaze the eyes. But when he’s alert to history he can be blunt about the particular responsibilities of being chief executive. I went through the trouble of snipping the part of his diaries discussing theContinue reading “So I consulted Reagan’s diaries on the debt ceiling…”