Twenty-five best films of 2016

1. Being 17 (André Téchiné) 2. Certain Women (Kelly Reichardt) 3. Love & Friendship (Whit Stillman) 4. Mountains May Depart (Jia Zhangke) 5. American Honey (Andrea Arnold) 6. The Measure of a Man (Stéphane Brizé) 7. Ixcanul (Jayro Bustamante) 8. Little Men (Ira Sachs) 9. Elle (Paul Verhoeven) 10. The Other Side (Roberto Minervini) 11.Continue reading “Twenty-five best films of 2016”

Best films of 2016 #1-5

We’ve reached the end. Older entries here. Click on the director’s name for links to the original reviews. 5. American Honey (Andrea Arnold) Named after a Lady Antebellum single to which I was indifferent seven years ago, Andrea Arnold’s first American film is stuffed with music, much of it blessed hip-hop like E-40’s “Choices (Yup),”Continue reading “Best films of 2016 #1-5”

The best films of 2016 #5-8

8. Little Men (Ira Sachs) So immersive is a good friendship that its depths and contours aren’t obvious until its dissolution. Adolescent boys are less likely to plumb its depths. In Little Men, Jake and Tony’s friendship is borne of conflict: after Jake’s dad Brian (Greg Kinnear) inherits a Brooklyn apartment, he struggles with theContinue reading “The best films of 2016 #5-8”

The best films of 2016 #9-12

Older entries here and here. 12. No Home Movie (Chantal Ackerman) In No Home Movie, Chantal Akerman asks: who is more in plain sight than our mothers, their presences taken for granted during birthdays, anniversaries, or forced conversations? Natalia Akerman, a Polish Holocaust survivor, is shown quietly slipping away, her memory sharp but her graspContinue reading “The best films of 2016 #9-12”

The best films of 2016 #13-16

16. Manchester by the Sea (Kenneth Lonergan) Manchester by the Sea is a rarity: an ebullient film about misery. Lonergan, one of Hollywood’s most prized script doctors and for whom grief is a muse, puts everything he has learned about building scenes since 2000’s You Can Count on Me. Minute to minute I didn’t knowContinue reading “The best films of 2016 #13-16”

The best films of 2016 #16-20

The expected caveats applied, 2016 was a marvelous year for me professionally and as a moviegoer. I realize I could have started this list of the twenty best (and runners-up) in February if not May when I have fully caught up, but I wanted to get this shit out of the way. Most of theContinue reading “The best films of 2016 #16-20”

We’ll get by, I suppose — a farewell to 2016 and all that

On the last day of 2016, I can’t dispel the mephitic vapors of an autumn that in South Florida never cooled and an election season that didn’t and won’t end. I published some of my finest work. I read, deeply, discovering Lorrie Moore and at last finishing Thomas Mann’s Joseph tetralogy. I’m at the apexContinue reading “We’ll get by, I suppose — a farewell to 2016 and all that”

‘The Lobster’ stuck its claws into Florida Film Critics Circle

In a surprise move, The Lobster surged ahead of awards season frontrunners Moonlight, La La Land, and Manchester by the Sea to win Best Picture from Florida Film Critics Circle, of which I’m a member. Below are the winners, runners-up, and my votes. BEST PICTURE The Lobster Runner-Up: La La Land My Vote: The LobsterContinue reading “‘The Lobster’ stuck its claws into Florida Film Critics Circle”