The modern GOP

Charles Pierce: This is the party that modern conservatism has built, brick by brick, one indulged lunatic at a time, over the past 60 years. I leave the details to Rick Perlstein, but there is no question that this was a conscious choice made over time by one of the only two political parties that… More The modern GOP

Obama and the press

Well: The Obama administration set a record again for censoring government files or outright denying access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press. The government took longer to turn over files when it provided any, said more regularly that… More Obama and the press

‘He’s lost his job. How much does the government want?’

Good on the NYT editorial board for decrying the double standard whereby respected establishment member David Petraeus gets a slap on the wrist and an earnest finger wag for the leaking of classified information to his favorite reporters while Abbe Lowell serves thirteen months in prison and John Kiriakou two: Federal prosecutors have charged more… More ‘He’s lost his job. How much does the government want?’

Justice Obama!

Ed Kilgore licks his chops thinking about — get this — Barack Hussein Obama as SCOTUS justice: And here’s the thing that is fascinating about the idea: can you imagine the confirmation fight an Obama SCOTUS appointment would touch off? Presumably most of the people who would have voted for a President Clinton would think… More Justice Obama!

Suck it, red states

Should the Supremes rule against the government in King v. Burwell, the consequences of poor dieting, poverty, and wretched jobs will destroy red state citizens, whose governors and legislatures haven’t created exchanges because it’s politically awesome to tell their poor, diseased citizens that DC-backed socialism is descending on them, therefore the status quo will do.… More Suck it, red states

King v. Burwell: the Great Decider rumbles

Well! On first glance this doesn’t look good if you’ve lost The Great Decider on a federalism question: Trained constitutional lawyers will find it noteworthy that his focus here is on the consequence for states as such, and not for their citizens; Kennedy’s concern is about the federal/state balance and his distrust of a reading… More King v. Burwell: the Great Decider rumbles

You keep me hanging on

The Supremes will hear King vs. Burwell this week. At issue: whether the plaintiff’s novel interpretation of four words qualify for disembowelment of the Affordable Care Act. The NYT editorial: Reading the Affordable Care Act as a whole, it’s clear that Congress meant to provide subsidies on both federal and state exchanges. For one thing,… More You keep me hanging on

Collect away!

Meanwhile the wheels of justice continue to grind civil liberties to dust: A federal court has again renewed an order allowing the National Security Agency to continue its bulk collection of Americans’ phone records, a decision that comes more than a year after President Obama pledged to end the controversial program. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance… More Collect away!

Suck it up, USA

Stan Collender is correct. Democrats have nothing to do with this: The Republican vs. Republican budget war is now wide open for all to see. The House’s intransigence on this particular issue — it insists that the DHS appropriation include language that somehow reverses President Obama’s executive orders on immigration -– is being matched by… More Suck it up, USA