Poverty ‘as a matter of values’

Paul Krugman: Most notably, mortality among white women has increased sharply since the 1990s, with the rise surely concentrated among the poor and poorly educated; life expectancy among less educated whites has been falling at rates reminiscent of the collapse of life expectancy in post-Communist Russia. And yes, these excess deaths are the result ofContinue reading “Poverty ‘as a matter of values’”

Solzhenitsyn: ‘Wherever the law is, crime can be found’

Here’s the problem with a jury trial in the Freddie Gray case: While Ms. Mosby offered a detailed timeline of the events surrounding Mr. Gray’s death, she did not reveal any of the evidence supporting it. Nor did she say any of the officers personally caused the spinal injury that killed him. But whatever caseContinue reading “Solzhenitsyn: ‘Wherever the law is, crime can be found’”

The drug war and ‘social control’: David Simon

Using his experience as a cops reporter, David Simon, creator of “The Wire,” analyzes what has happened in Baltimore, addressing the comment I’ve read about What To Do about a city whose police force boasts a black chief and most of whose officers are black. I’ll paste the lengthy response: What did Tom Wolfe writeContinue reading “The drug war and ‘social control’: David Simon”