Trumpism: trolling libs is the point

Some context: on my morning walks, I elongate my route by stepping into less than promising cul-de-sacs, one of which I call MAGA Alley. In June, two houses closest to the main avenue already sported yard signs for Trump and Esteban “Steve” Bovo, the so-called “conservative candidate for major” and at that point running inContinue reading “Trumpism: trolling libs is the point”

Let’s snooze tonight: Kamala Harris-Mike Pence debate

10:34 p.m. man, seriously, is Mike Pence ill? 10:25 p.m. This debate has not, uh, edified. But the much-vaunted Pence smugness looked like illness; he’s ruddy, red-eyed, and sluggish. 10:23 p.m. PLEASE don’t remind me, Senator Harris, that Cindy McCain, Jon Kasich, Colin Powell, and so on support your ticket. 10:11 p.m. Instead of answeringContinue reading “Let’s snooze tonight: Kamala Harris-Mike Pence debate”

Donald Trump: It didn’t have to be this way

A liberal by conviction and inclination, I have parts of myself I conceal. Pessimism is cheap, easy to affect. Let me proffer the following admission: I didn’t expect Donald Trump to fuck up the presentation of his COVID diagnosis this epically. If he’d gone out of sight, or at most done a Reagan-esque thumb- upContinue reading “Donald Trump: It didn’t have to be this way”

Why I will vote for Joe Biden

Forget not wanting to vote for him — I never liked Joe Biden. Not as a garrulous senator, a smarmy vice president, or a querulous candidate did he impress me as anything but how forty years of public life enfeeble the mind; it’s as if he thought ubiquity and wisdom were synonymous. A serial fabulist,Continue reading “Why I will vote for Joe Biden”

‘The first family came in wearing masks, but they took them off’

Separating the stupid from the malicious has broken the sharp political analysts who haven’t treated the Trump administration as normal. The Washington Post‘s account of how the “debut” of Judge Amy Coney Barrett last Saturday turned into a superspreader event commingles them:

Can we do this? Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

10:31 p.m. A mistake to do this. I can’t. I’d rather read Rita Dove and Jose Saramago. But the president just admitted he wants Judge Amy Coney Barrett to “settle disputes.” 10:18 p.m. I can’t think of a single GOP president since Reagan who knows how to mention forests without mentioning kindling, the health benefitsContinue reading “Can we do this? Joe Biden vs Donald Trump”

Florida: Ron DeSantis wants to kill us

Grading papers and trying to write on Friday afternoon after a distracted morning, I came to a screeching halt on learning about the Trumpian Lickspittle’s latest salvo to demonstrate his unyielding fealty to the White House’s current occupant. By now the world has learned how Governor Ron DeSantis has “opened up” Florida (the state withContinue reading “Florida: Ron DeSantis wants to kill us”

Why ‘Trump will steal the election!!’ has not spooked me

MSNBC thrives on stories like these, and juxtaposed against the terrifying scenario described by The Atlantic‘s Barton Gellman, we can conclude that the United States looks ready to transform itself into Pinochet’s Chile.

‘I was born in Cuba under Castro, so I know what a dictator looks like’: Joe Biden’s Hispanic support

Two weeks ago, Florida Democrats, so accustomed to defensive crouches that we feel no muscle strain, panicked when a reputable poll with fewer than two hundred participants showed Joe Biden had work to do with Hispanics: although Biden is predicted to win them, Donald Trump has cut into his margin, thanks to reluctant Cuban AmericansContinue reading “‘I was born in Cuba under Castro, so I know what a dictator looks like’: Joe Biden’s Hispanic support”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg — RIP, Part II

Thanks to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, millions of women gained access to safe abortions and were no longer considered “secondary breadwinners,” gay men and women could marry, extended the statute of limitations for filing an equal-pay lawsuit, and all-male admission practices in military colleges were unconstitutional. I could go on.