We’re on the brink

As of 1:03 p.m., Joseph Robinette Biden looks like he will take the oath in January. In his honor, I have mixed a martini for lunch. No one outside the Beltway thought he’d make it this far. I dismissed him as a querulous fossil in fall 2019 — I dismissed him inĀ  2008 when BarackContinue reading “We’re on the brink”

Election Day: Peeking through the rubble

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew H Walker/Shutterstock (10976146e) Hesitant about committing to my morning constitutional, I said fuck it on realizing I’d likely miss no news and needed to stretch my damn legs. I’m glad I did. Besides clearing my head and making more progress with Michael Hiltzik’s history of the New Deal, I sawContinue reading “Election Day: Peeking through the rubble”

What else do I have to say? Election Day 2020

6:32 a.m. One thing looks certain: Trump did a smashing job courting the Hispanic vote in southern Texas but especially in Miami-Dade County. It’s probable Florida might’ve flipped if MDC had come through for Biden. Now I wake up with Donna Shalala and my congressperson Debbie Mucarsel-Powell defeated. No one expected these outcomes. 6:27 a.m.Continue reading “What else do I have to say? Election Day 2020”

Let it begin tonight

Tuesday dawned with cloudy skies but a continuous northeasterly breeze. Our first cold front is nothing of the sort, but we’ll take low humidity and open windows and so will you. I walked farther now that I can read at the same time (Michael Hiltzik’s history of the New Deal, apt for these times, I’mContinue reading “Let it begin tonight”

Optimism…with a little caution in it

And now, to quote Angela Lansbury’s rotter in The Manchurian Candidate, we have come almost to the end. I text banked. I attended rallies. I donated. My conscience needs no assuagement. What I could do for Joseph Robinette Biden, jr. and Kamala Devi Harris I’ve done. Pennsylvania looks good. Florida looks better after a roundContinue reading “Optimism…with a little caution in it”

Building a community, fighting the smears

Campaign t-shirts tend toward the large and X-large to disguise bellies. If elections have depended on appearances since Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, then I suppose there exists a text — a Book of Kells of electioneering, say — in which winners and losers record tricks of the trade. Certainly how to campaign during a pandemicContinue reading “Building a community, fighting the smears”

How many more days….

This morning I read stories in POLITICO and the New York Times about the ways in which Donald Trump Could Still Win — and this before 6 a.m. Adam Nagourney warns readers about the consequences of “a bad stumble” by Joseph Biden at tonight’s debate. At this point Biden could put his feet up andContinue reading “How many more days….”

A warning to Joe Biden

Should Joseph Robinette Biden win the presidency in November, I hope the advisors have knocked the querulousness out of his head. The moment he takes the oath two months later Majority/Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, Rush Limbaugh, and ten thousand gibbering Twitter monkeys, performing the stupendous feat of mind wiping thatContinue reading “A warning to Joe Biden”

Donald Trump and Hispanic machismo

A decade ago, three weeks from an election that, apart from packing Barack Obama’s first term priorities in ice, would show Democrats the peril of ignoring local and state races, a relative and I got into about, what else, the president’s socialist tendencies. Obama wasn’t socialist, he assured me; he was a, right, fellow-traveler. WhyContinue reading “Donald Trump and Hispanic machismo”