Teach your children well: Clinton-Trump Town Hall

10:44. Chuck Todd and Nicole Wallace think he was better than last time b/c he got The Trump Base “elated.” What does it matter? 10:33. Someone disagrees: Newt Gingrich ✔ @newtgingrich Trump is doing so well no Republican should ever again mentioning getting a new candidate. Trump is more than holding his own. 10:29. IContinue reading “Teach your children well: Clinton-Trump Town Hall”

Hialeah — center of Hispanic voter registration universe

Hialeah consists of Cubans in my grandmother’s generation who are in their decrepitude or, like Abuela, nostalgic about la patria. However, the men and women twenty to thirty years her juniors, like the woman who takes care of her, have been traveling back and forth from Cuba to the United States in the last sixContinue reading “Hialeah — center of Hispanic voter registration universe”

White vs White: Vice-presidential debate 2016

10:40. Kaine “hit the erogenous zones of the Democratic Party coalition.” Fuck you, Chris Matthews. 10:39. Mike Pence did an excellent job reassuring the GOP base that he could be a plausible candidate in 2020. 10:31. Kaine makes his worst mistake this evening: using “dialogue” as a verb. 10:30. Pence: “You whipped out that MexicanContinue reading “White vs White: Vice-presidential debate 2016”

The silent majority and taxes

As Kurt Eichenwald and David Fahrenthold compete for the Pulitzer Prize on most damning story about Donald Trump’s byzantine financial dealings, I’ve read them with admiration but with increasing futility. “That makes me smart,” Trump growled during last week’s debate when Hillary Clinton alluded to his not paying taxes. Millions of Americans sympathize – fromContinue reading “The silent majority and taxes”

Why vote for Clinton?

Remove Jill Stein and Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton looks stronger. Labor lawyer Thomas Geoghegan gives three reasons why we leftists should vote for Hillary. I was happy to see Geoghegan concentrate on the hundreds of low level appointees to regulatory agencies that a Clinton administration would augur, for I’ve made that point ad nauseamContinue reading “Why vote for Clinton?”

The essence of libertarianism

Digby: I’m not sure who believes that just because someone has educated herself about geography and foreign leadership that her ideas must automatically be followed. It’s just that most of us used to think that presidents should have some basic knowledge of facts before they propose policies. The campaign of 2016 has revealed that suchContinue reading “The essence of libertarianism”

Debate #1 post-mortem

Last night I learned to drink a marvelous gin and Aperol concoction. This morning I learned that if Hillary Clinton looks assured, talks as if she has the facts at her command, and smiles she is smug. “Smug, composed, and not attractive” in the words of Brit Hume, the long-faced basset hound who took overContinue reading “Debate #1 post-mortem”

Here we go : Clinton-Trump Debate #1

10:45: “Smug, composed, and not attractive” — fuck you, Brit Hume. And that was a compliment. 10:43. NRO and FOX News are imploding. 10:33. Negative ads! So unfair! Not nice! He just accused a female canddiate of lacking stamina; when corrected, he says she has “experience” but the “wrong” kind. 10:26. “Your president” — howContinue reading “Here we go : Clinton-Trump Debate #1”

‘She didn’t understand how misogyny worked’

If I got this right, Hillary Clinton tonight must be “funny,” “sweet,” “lighthearted,” “commanding,” and “presidential”; she must “avoid lecturing” the audience, as one of the identikit FOX News commentators remarked a couple days ago; she can’t cough. Donald Trump by contrast must be “presidential” and…that’s it. Female debaters understand: After one of her firstContinue reading “‘She didn’t understand how misogyny worked’”

Debating ‘the single most awful political person in modern American consciousness.’

Dahlia Litwick with what will make Hillary Clinton’s Monday night harder: As a former debater myself, I did feel like there is one useful area of focus for Clinton that hasn’t been adequately covered by the media: She will be debating an asshole. There has been much rumination on how challenging it will be forContinue reading “Debating ‘the single most awful political person in modern American consciousness.’”

‘The market will take care’ of climate change

I have friends and relatives, disgusted with what they think is the perfidy of the two party system, who take Gary Johnson seriously. Many of them are disillusioned Republicans who want to vote for a president. These men and women are more honest, for the Libertarian Party nominee offers undiluted Republicanism served fresh, hot, andContinue reading “‘The market will take care’ of climate change”

Birtherism and the undecideds

For ten minutes last night the formally disgraced NBC anchor Bryan Williams let the sheet metal cadences of his voice glint with excitement. They had a scoop: Donald Trump’s surrogates acknowledged that Barack Obama was born in the United States. In any other campaign season the news would be of the “BREAKING NEWS: Water wet”Continue reading “Birtherism and the undecideds”