The differences are the differences

So, uh, please note the difference between HRC and Bernie Sanders’ donors: The most notable difference is the Vermont senator’s reliance on the old FDR coalition: unions like the UAW, the Teamsters, and United Steelworkers. It’s Walter Mondale running against Gary Hart. Does anyone remember when the commentariat considered “Atari Democrats” a legitimate moniker? WhatContinue reading “The differences are the differences”

Reclaiming the left

The political terrain since Teflon Ron and heir Bill Clinton has shifted rightwards so gradually that what once seemed bedrock Democratic philosophy looks like lunacy through the Coke bottle lens of the Beltway commentariat. Actually, I’ve heard little chatter about Bernie Sanders outside liberal blogs. This must mean the chattering class has decided he hasn’tContinue reading “Reclaiming the left”

The fraud of liberatarism

So the curly-haired junior senator from Kentucky announced his candidacy and news organizations are taking his declarations of libertarianism without a squeal. He’s a libertarian who thinks that gay marriage not only represents a “moral crisis” but a harbinger of a time when consenting adults can ask, “Does it have to be humans?” (I’ve beenContinue reading “The fraud of liberatarism”