Even if I didn’t live in the swingiest of states no way was I ever going to vote for Jill Stein. Presidents start wars, and if they don’t ask for congressional approval their national security councils and defense departments pay contractors (‘sup, Iraq!) or create paramilitary insurgencies (hi, Nicaragua!) to fight them. As a presidentContinue reading “#I’mwithgov’t”

Election Day eve: pre-Aperol edition

Early voting ended in Florida yesterday. The results are staggering: Miami-Dade County Elections Supervisor Christina White reported 53,095 ballots cast, a number that shattered the county’s previous record of 42,810, set Friday. Before that, Miami-Dade had never exceeded 39,400 in-person early voters in a single day; 40,051 voted Saturday, when much of the county wasContinue reading “Election Day eve: pre-Aperol edition”

Reassurances for the nervous of heart

First, from Florida, where the Hispanic wave continues to impress. My home county: In Miami-Dade, voters have headed to the polls in record numbers: Through Friday, 648,000 voters already cast ballots — a sign that the total turnout for this presidential election will likely surpass that in 2012. That year, more than 879,000 voters castContinue reading “Reassurances for the nervous of heart”

Guess what we’re in for

So if I’m to believe Wayne Barrett’s Daily Beast story about the collusion between Rudy Giuliani and vengeful FBI agents, and I see no reason why I shouldn’t, we have confirmation for the rest of us that a large section of the GOP elite will consider Hillary Clinton such an excrescence on the body politicContinue reading “Guess what we’re in for”

The drip drip drip of semantic barbarism

It’s been a punishing campaign season. If any group besides American voters has endured the worst of the sucker punches, it’s those who believe in the purity of English. Here are six political cliches I hope get burned with Trump campaign signs. drip drip drip “If the drip, drip, drip of emails continues it couldContinue reading “The drip drip drip of semantic barbarism”

I’m out of Aperol: Clinton-Trump #3

Chris Wallace, once an aggressive reporter during the Reagan era but reluctant to question Beltway assumptions, surely contributed to making “The National Debt” a debate topic. In October 2016. The debt. We worry about an irrelevance that keeps political reporters in night sweats. Who besides a blog-crazed lackey like yours truly will (a) watch thisContinue reading “I’m out of Aperol: Clinton-Trump #3”

Perlstein: How a Trump loss might ‘wipe the slate clean’ for conservatism

Rick Perlstein, premier analyst of the conservative movement since 1960, explains how Donald Trump is Culmination and Aberration: Isaac Chotiner: Ideologically and strategically, how do you think Trump’s loss will be understood among Republicans? Perlstein: I’m kind of famous for coming up with a little epigram, “Conservatism never fails. It is only failed.” I cameContinue reading “Perlstein: How a Trump loss might ‘wipe the slate clean’ for conservatism”

The continued underestimation of female voters

I’ve seen signs of this dissent in conservative Westchester, the “community” in which I live in unincorporated Miami-Dade County: Lifelong Republican Linda Fogg pauses sometimes while explaining how she became a Hillary Clinton supporter. A proud Texan and former docent at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Fogg has never votedContinue reading “The continued underestimation of female voters”

I’ve looked at media from both sides now

I didn’t expect Matt Taibbi to draw reasonable conclusions about Hillary Clinton’s motives after studying the latest bushel of Wikileaks “revelations”: The transcripts read like freewheeling discussions with friends about how to navigate an uncertain future. In one speech, she conceded a sense of disconnect between the wealthy and the middle class to which sheContinue reading “I’ve looked at media from both sides now”

The rarity of ‘impersonation fraud’

With a federal judge ordering an extension of voter registration deadlines in my home state, expects to hear more complaints about fraud, especially if it looks like Donald J. Trump will go down in flames, as is likely. Richard L. Hasen offers an overview: One should never say voter fraud is non-existent. In fact, itContinue reading “The rarity of ‘impersonation fraud’”

Where we are — in hell, I think

Last night I watched two carbon-based life forms, the male theoretically human, on a stage pretending to be talking to engaged citizens. One of them said had no trouble demonstrating she mean business to a recalcitrant Vladimir Putin; the other thought she should be put in jail and would be were he elected president. CharlesContinue reading “Where we are — in hell, I think”