‘Abortion is legal in this country’

It begins:

In Oklahoma, clinics have stopped operating because the state passed a new ban, even though it clearly conflicts with Roe. “We haven’t had abortion for two and a half weeks,” said Susan Braselton, a clinic escort and a board member of the Roe Fund in Oklahoma, which helps patients finance abortions….

…The only clinic in South Dakota, Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls, which also served patients from North Dakota and Minnesota, performed its last abortion Monday, even though the state has not yet banned it. Abortions at the clinic were already sporadic. A Minnesota doctor flew in around once a month to provide them.

And in some other states, legal abortion has become much more scarce. In Idaho there were four clinics, but Planned Parenthood in Boise closed June 1. At another, Compassionate Abortion Care in Boise, the only doctor is set to take a summer vacation, and staff members are telling patients that abortion may not be legal by the time he returns. A third is offering only medication abortion.

At this moment — at this second — abortion remains legal in America. The sense of hopelessness is a pall. Didn’t “we” win a presidential election eighteen months ago? Didn’t “we” win the Senate a month later? We will force girls to bring children to term. We will force women to stay in dangerous arrangements for the sake of child support. The GOP isn’t protecting the unborn — it’s punishing women for having sex.

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