Songs About Courtrooms, Lawyers, and the Law

Blues singer and songwriter Bessie Smith is the subject of an upcoming HBO biopic.

Having already listed songs about the police, let me praise this list for its acknowledging the inexorability of the law when the citizens most dependent on its impartiality are made to quake before it.

1. Bessie Smith – Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair
2. Leonard Cohen – A Singer Must Die
3. The Specials – Stupid Marriage
4. Clarence Water – The Court Room
5. The Human League – I Am the Law
6. Jay-Z – People’s Court
7. George Harrison – Sue Me, Sue You Blues
8. Jackson Browne – Lawyers in Love
9. Bob Dylan – Percy’s Song
10. Pluto Shervington – Your Honour
11. Common – Testify
12. Patsy Cline – A Church, A Courtroom, And Then Goodbye
13. Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns and Money
14. David Bowie – Law (Earthlings on Fire)
15. Tom Verlaine – Have Mercy, Judge
16. Chris Whitley – Living With the Law
17. Kitty Wells – Will Your Lawyer Talk to God?
18. The Runaways – Dead End Justice
19. Bananarama – Love in the First Degree
20. The Temptations – Ain’t No Justice

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