Norma Tanega and Bonnie Raitt

I note these published reviews for the sake of readers who don’t follow me on social media.

Norma Tanega – I’m the Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964-1971

Before I reviewed a Dusty Springfield comp in February 2021, I hadn’t heard the name “Norma Tanega.” Before last September I hadn’t heard “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog,” a #22 single and her only hit in America. Concise, odd, and a lot of fun, “Dog” should’ve kept Tanega’s name in every manager and producer’s Rolodex: she had the melodic smarts and the wit to sustain lesser talents for a generation. This new compilation, which I reviewed for Pitchfork, ranks as my favorite professional writing of 2022. I spent hours on Tanega and hope readers appreciate her too. The writer of “You’re Dead,” “Jubilation,” and “A Street That Rhymes at 6 A.M.” deserves it.

Bonnie Raitt – Just Like That

In the case of this bizzer-for-life, careerism and light experimenting are indivisible. Recording when and what she feels like, writing a song or two when necessary, Bonnie Raitt can release albums whose aversion to glamour triggers the dreaded taken-for-granted category. Like I wrote in my Pitchfork review: Pros know their shit.

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