Why the attacks on Disney matter

To defend a corporation expert at placing cute mouse ears on nefarious practices like Disney does puts me in a grotesque position, especially since Disney has bought the Florida legislature on both sides for five decades, which means for a while it endorsed the Don’t Say Gay Bill until its immaculately groomed public image took a hit; but Governor Ron DeSantis, intoxicated by the erotic possibilities of viewpoint discrimination, forced the legislature to pass a bill rescinding the privileges that have allowed Disney to run as a sovereign country in the United States since the 1960s, and he had millions of people like me in mind. He has punished Disney for working against his will, sure, but what he wanted was to vaporize gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens. We are “groomers,” accused of training children for homosexual practices. The language will strike students of LGBT history as reminiscent of the Briggs Initiative, voted down in California forty years ago (with the unlikely help of presidential candidate Ronald Reagan) for suggesting gay public school teachers were not-so-secret pedophiles.

Meanwhile Disney will zip-a-dee-doo-dah past the electoral implications. If readers think the corporation will suddenly pour money into Charlie Crist, Annette Taddeo, and Nikki Fried’s gubernatorial campaigns, well, let me mix you a Negroni from my abode in Cinderella Castle.

What with the pulling of math books for purportedly teaching CRT, the Trump-appointed federal judge’s mindless decision about masking in public transportation, and the signing of #DontSayGay and the abortion restriction bills, Florida (the state with the prettiest name!) looks like a country that once would’ve required CIA intervention as a failed Marxist state. As COVID cases rise again, one hopes below surge levels, and corporatism presses us to Move On With Our Lives as consumers not citizens, I return to the response with which I’ve confronted rights but which took me two years to formulate: “I’m a gay man who has never enjoyed a normal sex life thanks to another viral epidemic, fuck you for freaking about something so stupid as wearing a mask for a couple hours.” I’m so tired.

6 thoughts on “Why the attacks on Disney matter

  1. What this pandemic made me realize is that we are in a war of smart, kind, decent people versus poorly educated, fearful fools. I’m sick of racism and sexism and homophobia and I despair that those things will never go away.

  2. Astonishing. He did hot the red button. Given that [checks] Florida has almost a 2:1 ratio of Republicans to Democrats in its House, I’d say it’s a fair assumption that DeSantis has picked hatred over money. Let’s say that again with italics…HATRED OVER MONEY. Though I was never a fan of the Reedy Creek Development District [as an Orlando teenager, I was aghast when I found out about such a naked power grab by a corporation] this alters the dynamic from bad to worse. As I say all too often this century, we are in uncharted waters. White is Black. Up is Down, and the center did not hold.

  3. Transgender is radically different than gay & lesbian. In fact, many gay & lesbian teens are being pressured into thinking they are trans, which is effectively the new “conversion therapy”. Girls especially are at risk. A tomboy like myself would have been told that she was really a boy … I shudder to think of how my life might have turned out.

    My whole take on this is leave the kids alone. Teach them reading, writing, history (all of it), science (not magical thinking), & mathematics … give them the tools to enter adulthood & society so they can live as decent citizens & be able to make decisions concerning their own lives without any political pressure from ideological factions. Yes, I know that in today’s political climate this is almost impossible. I fear that things have progressed to the point of no return.

    1. In fact, many gay & lesbian teens are being pressured into thinking they are trans, which is effectively the new “conversion therapy”. Girls especially are at risk. A tomboy like myself would have been told that she was really a boy

      With all due respect, conversion therapy like this is not happening in public schools. At worst these boys and girls give signals and teachers advise them.

      The problem is, they’re NOT being left alone. These school have a heterosexual agenda, and by adding an “age-appropriate” clause to the legislation, Florida schools can deny just about any mature discussion of sexuality in any year. Part of giving them the tools to enter adulthood is treating sexuality seriously. Besides, as you and I know, there ain’t no way a kid doesn’t ask a teacher about gays and lesbians or mnetions her own gay or lesbian parents.

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