‘This abdication of leadership is criminal’

After a giddy hour on a flight home clicking through the UN’s climate change report, I reached a conclusion: Floridians don’t give a good goddamn about the damage wrought to our state by arrogance, a belief in our immortality, a conviction that nature is meant for man’s exploitation, and a boundless greed. Florida, as The Miami Herald‘s Alex Harris notes, gets special mention:

  • The report specifically mentions Florida multiple times, including: Tidal flooding worsened by sea rise has led to almost $500 million in lost real estate value from 2005 to 2016 in Miami-Dade alone, “and it is likely that coastal flood risks in the region beyond 2050 will increase without adaptation to climate change.”
  • Miami-Dade’s efforts to raise roads and build stormwater pumps have raised property values, leading to inequality for vulnerable populations Floridians could be forced to retreat from the coast as sea levels rise Florida’s coral reefs are bleaching and dying as temperatures rise.
  • As coral reefs die, Florida could lose up to $55 billion in reef-related tourism money by 2100 Harmful algal blooms along Florida’s west coast spurred by climate change led to massive economic losses

With hundreds of new MAGA residents and tech bros moving to the State with the Prettiest Name a week, seduced by the promise of a tax-free liberty that has made possible this very indifference, Ron DeSantis can afford to look smug.

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