Ranking #26 singles, U.S. edition: 1983-1986

Did you expect this variety? I didn’t. And I didn’t expect A Flock of Seagulls to show up creating a synthesized landscape that encompassed the longing one expects from high school or, worse, college-aged romance. How on earth didn’t “Wishing” do better? I could apply this thinking to ‘Til Tuesday’s MTV hit but chart flop “What About Love” or, well, the most eternal song on this list: Peter Gabriel could see a thousand doors into churches, and, even better, Alexander O’Neal-Cherrelle duet so intuitively that I wonder how “Baby Come to Me” became a hit three years earlier — certainly a more deserving minor hit than “Face the Face,” not about anything except Pete Townshend’s soul moves

The Hague

The Beach Boys – Getcha Back
Barry Manilow – Some Kind of Friend
Starship – Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Tonight


Pete Townshend – Face the Face
Rick Springfield – Celebrate Youth
Eric Clapton – Forever Man
Deborah Allen – Baby I Lied

Sound, Solid

Eddy Grant – Romancing the Stone
Corey Hart – Boy in a Box
Rick Springfield – Don’t Walk Away

Good to Great

A Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)
Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal – Saturday Love
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – So in Love
Tina Turner – Let’s Stay Together
Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes
‘Til Tuesday – What About Love
Saga – On the Loose
Laid Back – White Horse

3 thoughts on “Ranking #26 singles, U.S. edition: 1983-1986

  1. Tina Turner’s cover of “Let’s Stay Together” was on the jukebox at the club I danced at at least a month (maybe two) before “What’s Love Got to Do With It” & it got played to DEATH. Everyone loved it … of course, it’s a great song but she did a fabulous cover of it. I used to love stepping onstage to that slow start … just slowly working my way across to the end of the runway as the beat got stronger. Great song, great memory. Man, I’d love to be that girl again. FORTY YEARS AGO! As Grampa Simpson might say.

  2. Now I have to spin my Laid Back 12″ of “White Horse” tonight! But I always thought that the great cover of “Let’s Stay Together” By Tina Turner [produced by Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware – who is the guy who jump-started TT’s solo career] was the best song on “Private Dancer.” I was annoyed that it didn’t get a video to become plastered on MTV 24-7. That would have been nice.

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