Liberalism run amuck at American unversities!

The bellies of illiterate zealots in Texas are aflame as these men and women look to ban any book that questions the prerogatives of white minority rule. More energy exists to prohibit this literature than in teaching so-called critical race theory. These people don’t want the truth — they want useful lies replacing the truth. Check out the doings at Florida’s flagship public university, alma mater to hundreds of state legislators over the last century, where officials will investigate faculty claims about COVID-related PR questions.

The lengthy Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Freedom document released in early December reported the following claims:

    • There was external pressure to destroy COVID-19 data and inconsistencies in procedures for things like data destruction;
    • A State of Florida government entity created barriers to and delayed publication of COVID-19 data;
    • University of Florida employees were told verbally not to criticize Gov. Ron DeSantis or UF policies related to Covid-19 in media interactions

The committee report also discussed faculty members’ “grave concern about retaliation” and “a sense that anyone who objected to the state of affairs might lose his or her job or be punished in some way.”

This isn’t the first time this semester UF has courted trouble. The silken-voiced imbecile whom Ron DeSantis appointed surgeon general because he denies the dangers of COVID earned a tenured position at the university. In October UF barred professors from offering expert testimony in a voting rights lawsuit before changing its mind. And the chair of its board of trustees served as back channel for DeSantis’ office: not unusual except for the kind of intel the governor has received.

But let’s please focus on the threat The Confessions of Nat Turner poses to children.

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