Nothing matters and what if it did?

Behold the decadence of the POLITCO political press:

DeSantis has prioritized monoclonal treatments such as Regeneron in his Florida pandemic battle plan, spending the past several weeks flying across the state supporting the treatments. Monoclonal antibody treatments are considered effective if administered early in an infection. At the same time, he has opposed Covid-related restrictions such as requiring students to wear face coverings, vaccine passports or mandatory vaccine mandates for workers. That has put him repeatedly at odds with the Biden administration. [emphasis mine]

DeSantis’ opposition to Covid mandates has raised his profile, with conservatives across the nation cheering him on as he prepares to run for reelection and possibly challenge Biden in 2024. But the summer surge in Florida’s Delta variant cases pose a threat to DeSantis’ electoral ambitions, with the governor’s approval ratings dropping as the state broke grim Covid milestones such hospitalizations and new infections almost weekly.

Reading stories like these, the politically literate reader will think nothing more is at stake than that a sociopath suing his fellow citizens for wearing masks is “at odds” with common sense. I can imagine what POLITICO might have made of Kristallnacht: “The destruction of synagogues, businesses, hospitals, and schools put Nazis at odds with German Jews.” Nothing matters because nothing is at stake.

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