Ringo Starr’s best Beatles drumming

From the way he copped the Latin flourishes from Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say” for the sake of “I Feel Fine”; the punctuative cymbal crashes in “She Said, She Said”; the snare shots in “Rain”; and the ominous bass fills in “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Richard Starkey’s drum work reflected a tumult and invention his onscreen persona barely hinted at. The way his drumming meshed with George Harrison’s lead guitar instead of Paul McCartney’s bass is one of Beatles’ subtler mysteries. I suppose the only dorks who underrate him for the sake of showier pleasures are high schoolers in garage bands.

Ringo rules.

1. Ticket to Ride
2. Rain
3. A Day in the Life
4. She Said, She Said
5. She Loves You
6. I Feel Fine
7. Tomorrow Never Knows
8. Helter Skelter
9. Strawberry Fields Forever
10. The End
11. I’ve Got a Feeling
12. Two of Us

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