The GOP vs LGBT equality: ‘exploiting religion to justify my innate cruelty’

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Aware that a supermajority of Americans are okeedokee with gays and lesbians marrying whomever they choose, Republicans have dressed their revulsion toward us queer folk in different clothes. “Religious freedom” is the new cause. So is “bathroom freedom,” whereby conservatives quail before the fantasy that a man or woman will dress as the opposite gender and do unspeakable things to their children. This pathology explains why three GOP House members voted with Democrats to pass the Equality Act. Three. Worse, Miami-Dade’s congressional cohort voted against it, one of whom supported it in 2019, a second was a relatively moderate county major, while the third, a former TV personality, first ran in 2018 as a vocal supporter of LGBT rights.

Here’s what slimeball Mario Diaz-Balart:

“House Democratic Leadership had ample time to make these changes, but sadly, they ignored multiple good faith efforts by my colleagues and instead doubled down on some of the most troubling issues, including sabotaging religious freedom.”

“Religious liberty” is a term coined by Sam Alito, the Supreme Court justice whose prose and mien are less flashy than Neil Gorsuch’s or the late Nino Scalia’s, and it means “using my religion as the vehicle by which I practice my revulsion against modernity.” To put it blunter: “exploiting religion to justify my innate cruelty.” Rep. Al Green of Texas gets it:

Let us not forget: not too long, a credulous political press thought Donald Trump “more accepting views of gays.” What they have since learned, as the separation of migrant children from their parents as a matter of government policy proved, is the degree to which the Trump GOP hates children. They want Big Guvmint to leave parents to raise their children in their own way but won’t let parents who accept their transgender child make their own decisions. They hate children.

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