From the annals of MAGAlandia

Here is an example of a story that can happen anywhere MAGAs roam the land but has special poignance because it took place in Florida (the state with the prettiest name!).

In line to pay, the woman got too close to a man who asked her in Spanish to please maintain her distance. She ignored his request, police said, so he repeated it in English. The arrest report said she began “mumbling bad words,” and the man ignored her and walked to his car.

But in the Publix parking lot, as he tried to load his groceries, she walked up to him and got to within one foot of his face, police said. When he asked her to back up, it “enraged the defendant even more.”

According to an arrest report, she called the victim a “spic,” which is a slur for Hispanics, and said “we should have gotten rid of of you when we could.” She also said “This is not going to be Biden’s America, this is my America” and “we should have burned it all,” the report said.

Then, the report said, Wright took our her keys and began scratching the man’s car. “The defendant also proceeds to stab the victim’s vehicle with her keys while saying he needed to go back to his country,” the report said.

This woman, let me emphasize, is an anesthesiologist. She has patients. She probably has a family.

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