‘There is no time to delay’

About damn time:

Addressing reporters in the Oval Office alongside newly confirmed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday, Biden emphasized the urgency of taking sweeping action. “There is no time to delay,” he said. “We have learned from past crises that the risk is not doing too much. The risk is not doing enough.”

Later, asked whether he backed Democratic congressional leaders’ plans to use a fast-track budget process that wouldn’t require Republican votes, Biden said, “I support passing COVID relief with support from Republicans if we can get it. But the COVID relief has to pass. There’s no ifs, ands or buts.”

Democrats, running the Senate with a 50-50 majority made possible only by the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, are worried that no amount of negotiation will produce a bill acceptable to Democrats that will garner the 10 Republican votes needed to pass. Under ordinary procedures, 60 votes are required to bypass a filibuster.

“Democrats are worried” — few subject-auxiliary-verb structures recur as often in Beltway reporting. This story and others I’ve read suggest, though, that Mr. Bipartisan has no fucks to give. He was, after all, among Barack Obama’s chief negotiators with a GOP that would rather burn their homes down than admit a Democrat visited them:

Haunted by what Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, referred to as the “mistake” of 2009, when the Democratic Party was in control of both chambers and the White House but was “too timid and constrained in its response to the global financial crisis,” top Democrats are pushing to avoid settling for a small package.

“If our Republican colleagues decide to oppose this urgent and necessary legislation, we will have to move forward without them,” Mr. Schumer said, adding that he planned to press ahead with a budget resolution as early as next week.

Don’t tell the NYT editorial board, though.

But in the week’s most chilling news we learn Alex Jones and — get this — Publix supermarket heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli paid for what the Wall Street Journal calls “the lion’s share” of the Jan. 6 rally that turned into insurrection. Learning that Fanceilli is an evil moron who believed in Stop the Steal is bad enough; Publix’s sweet deal in Palm Beach County to be sole dispenser of the COVID vaccines makes me wish Jupiter would strike us dead already. The supermarket has rescinded the deal and returned the vaccines to county health officials, but

3 thoughts on “‘There is no time to delay’

  1. Like every party which has become authoritarian, anti-democratic and anti Republic (ha!) the GOP will filibuster and sabotage like never before. This is just the beginning.
    I would get my eyes on the FBI, the “moles” in every federal department and intelligence agencies.. I don’t think this is the former half-wit in chief doings in solitary. Who provide these people with ammunition? Who spreaded these conspiracies for years? Why no one haven’t got them to court for steering insurrection yet? Not doing what is legal and constitutional for fear of “alienating” even more a violent mass will be detrimental in the long run.

    And that they made Liz Cheney, of all people, the poster girl for republican sanity should get the alarms lit from yellow to red.

    Not many people have read Mein Kampf or La razón de mi vida, in which Eva Perón explicity says why his husband would not intervene with the Allies in second WW: he basically agreed with Mussolini and el generalísimo. Not to mention Perón provided asylum for the few who had flee, which she obviously omits. That should be mandatory reading everywhere. Education in this post-truth era will be key, too.

    This is also becoming the post-big economic crack, the return 2.0. Obama may have prevented this from happening earlier. This time, it may take only a global pandemic of very blurry origins or, who knows, some “prankster” investors (both should be investigated, too). And whoever is happy with all this (I have my suspicions) knows taking down the US means not only economical profit for them, but that it can be made everywhere. Which basically means what’s left of civilized Europe with no buffoon leaders or authoritarian ones because here that has been lingua franca for decades, as the most corruptible, corrupt and destabilized continent would attest.

    And I’m not blaming all these on Soros or satanic pedophiles and WTF. I HAVE READ those books. The similarities are eerie. Too much to dismiss them. It needs a context. We’re getting there if the ones willing to defend democracy -by no means perfect but still the best system that has ever worked towards egalitarianism- act out. Now,

      1. Thank you first. The problem with the post is that my biggest fears were not expressed. Is more like rethorical questions, actually: If the autocrats believe that surveillance -and retaliation; some bloody illegal ones, literally- stand for “enemies of the people”, where does that make us, liberal democrats, stand?

        What to do with it? That’s when intellegentzia must play allegiance to the system. Otherwise we’re toasted. Which is frankly difficult without breaking out into an Orwellian nightmare. Or “the other side” accusing us of being the anti-democrats and violators of human rights ourselves. Which is the name of their game, ALWAYS. Show your own shit and throw it upon others by saying “it’s their shit”.

        Who will make the actual fake spreaders accountable when even mass media donors are enabling this? And how? To the extent their pushing us to “censorship” because a deranged, unhinged man with all the power can shit all over the rules and NOTHING happens?

        It’s a conodrum I don’t know where it will leads us. I’m one of the few here who think both Snowden and Assange should be deported -by all means- and receive there the judicial treatment they so deserve. Why haven’t they? Because the radical lefties over here and everywhere would cry shit over human rights and whatnot? In the name of accountability, it should have happened long ago.

        But, you know what? If people with surveillance access and abilities can easily giveaway touchy secrets about nuclear codes and dive in the garbage in the name of “transparence” and be used by the autocrats of the world as calling cards for “freedom of speech” -and their own benefits- and get away with it, we’re toasted again.

        For starters, it won’t be resolved if the rule of law can’t be applied to them. If that can’t be applied to a felon President, why would it be applied to their regular citizens?
        We’re seeing America right now as one that have lost total control of authority over their own businesses. It sets an extremely dangerous precedent.

        After that, there is an endless cultural war over who’s a “patriot” or who isn’t. A word I detest but in times of technological and communicational wars like these (an unknown entity in historical terms) applies. We’re all in in this war; it’s a global pandemic in free countries, at least. In crippled, one party-only “democracies” like China I suppose it isn’t. And if it is, it’s well controlled by their own surveillance. We know how (and the WHO expedition expect to find traces in Wuhan of how this virus really started after a fucking year? In China? You gotta be kidding me)

        That’s where we’re dealing with now. For liberal democrats like me it’s disheartening how America can’t deal even with its own domestic issues. For many other people around the world, I suppose, (including many here) it’s a cause of joy. Finally, the “great American experiment” has proved to be a fluke. So we gotta change, they say. Along with capitalism because, why not? It’s part of the experiment That’s their way of thinking. So any dicussion in fixing that problem now is muted by the deranged neo-marxists here.

        Another conodrum. I’m seen as a “conservative” by the radical left autocrats here and a “socialist” by the neo-Nazi Grumpians, Thank Buddha you don’t have that problem (not yet, at least) Your country has moved so radically to the right, you’re probably now at the center and you don’t even know it.

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