A conservatism ‘not dominated by morons, hacks, charlatans, and grifters’

George Conway, one of Clinton’s tormentors during the Paula Jones-Monica Lewinsky imbroglio, has spent the last ten months arguing for a conservatism after Trump — an impossibility, for conservatism depends on racism and privilege and controlling the levers of power for the sake of minority rule. He has a paid MSNBC gig, from which he can call Mark Meadows a moron, so good on him, I guess.

I don’t give a shit that Mitt Romney and Mindy Moderate and the rest are Deeply Troubled. If doing nothing is the right call, as it will be when Vice President Mike Pence oversees the certification of the Electoral College votes on January 6, then Romney and, ye gods, that desiccated lizard Tom Cotton deserve no credit for following the law. Yet editors keep assigning the bullshit story about Republican rifts because apparently they confuse the American public with the Beltway press. Republicans were racist meretricious bastards during the Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush I, and Reagan eras; thanks to them, we have no norms to reclaim. Stop searching for Good Republicans. Mountebanks and cowards, they deserve lonely deaths if you believe in retribution. We are better than they, though, so let them live: the better to demonstrate the strength of the social services net they strive to unravel.

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