Singles 12/21

Welcome to Amnesty Week, friends, during which TSJ writers submitted tunes to we should’ve paid attention in the last year. The sheer plenitude stunned me; I didn’t review four songs and I still came up with the highest number of blurbs since the pandemic started.

I preferred The Aces’ Haim-adjacent “Daydream” to Haim’s plodding “The Steps” from their otherwise fine album, but besides Traingulo de Amor Bizarro’s horrorcore “Fukushima” and Taemin’s fizzy pleasure “Criminal,” Owen Pallett’s patient-as-a-serial-killer “A Bloody Morning” wowed us most.

Next up: Readers Week!

Click on links for full reviews.

Owen Pallett – A Bloody Morning (9)
Triangulo de Amor Bizarro – Fukushima (7)
The Aces – Daydream (7)
Taemin – Criminal (7)
Caveboy – N.Y.P. (7)
HAIM – The Steps (6)
Calliope Mori – Excuse My Rudeness But Could You Please RIP? (6)
Kem – Lie to Me (6)
Honey Dijon ft. Hadiya George – Not About You (6)
REOL – The Sixth Sense (6)
Jazmin Bean – Yandere (4)
FLETCHER – If I Hated You (3)
Little Big – Uno (3)

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