From the annals of Beltway journalism

With coronavirus cases up eleven thousand in twenty-four hours and climate change accelerating, it remains a comfort to know Maggie Haberman’s stenographic skills sharpen publication after publication:

In the meantime, Mr. Trump has spent his days toggling between his White House residence and the Oval Office, watching television coverage about the final weeks of his presidency. His mood is often bleak, advisers say, though he is not raising his voice in anger, despite the impression left by his tweets, which are often in capital letters.

Two or three dozen times since 2016 Haberman has cobbled letters into words arranging themselves into sentences that illustrate An Angry President; a Cornered President; a President Surrounded by Enemies. The following sentence is journalistic malpractice: “By dominating the story of his exit from the White House, he hopes to keep his millions of supporters energized and engaged for whatever comes next.” Repeating rumors by thwarted White House aides without attribution in November 2020! We accuse Trump of never learning. How can we be disappointed when the press corps serve as models?

4 thoughts on “From the annals of Beltway journalism

  1. Looking at the picture above reinforces something odd I’ve been thinking about these days that I’ve been following the elections:
    1) Does any woman in Grumpf staff NOT resembling any character in the Stepford Wives? Ditto for the Fox News anchors.
    2) Are GOP men always these ugly and even cartoonishingly evil-looking? (Pompeo, MCConell, etc)
    3) I laughed at the idea but… non of these people seem remotely human. Isn’t that so? It’s like a combo of those two traits ends up inevitably in the “garbage peole” file. Ruthless people? Perhaps. Unfuckable, most surely.

      1. Fitting, They’re so pompous as entitled to whatever garbage comes out out their mouths it’s astonishing. I thought I was seeing “Bombshell” again, go figure. The bogus network.

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