A Veteran’s Day post

Eight days after Donald J. Trump got a thumpin’ and four days after every reputable news outlet called the election for Joseph Robinette Biden, I get a sense from Democratic Twitter that the horror continues, unending. The syllables congealing into words uttered by Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich — just typing those names inflames my appendix — have had their intended effect and scared the shit out of voters. These words suggest Trump won’t concede and will keep his ass in the Oval Office watching Voltron cartoons on YouTube.

Bleh. With even Republican secretaries of state robustly asserting their obligation to call the results as voters decided, and the Erie postal worker recanting his allegation of voter fraud, the Trump White House can ask for state supreme courts to dismiss the campaign’s own appeals as often as it likes. On Monday I noted how the nimrods who believe fraud happened on Election Day want to reject votes cast for Joe Biden even though those same ballots feature congressional and local races in which in many cases the GOP comfortably won. A superb piece The Nation‘s Elie Mystal breaks down the elephant dung foundation on which the Trump team’s claims rests:

In fact, none of the Trump lawsuits allege anything that can be used to throw out tens of thousands of votes. Throwing out votes that have already been counted is not something that courts do. We can recount votes, this time with Trump watchers breathing down the necks of ballot counters and giving them Covid-19, but again, recounts don’t usually change the balance of votes by all that much.

The important thing to ask with each new Trump lawsuit is this: What is the remedy? If the remedy is “throw away tens of thousands of votes from people whose votes were clear in their choice and timely in their submission,” then that lawsuit is going nowhere. And if the remedy is not throwing out those entirely timely and legal votes, then the lawsuit will not change the results of the election.

Why pursue this case? Money, of course.

Trump’s campaign is broke. They’ve literally written checks they can’t cash. Trump doesn’t like spending his own money on these things (to the extent he actually has any). These lawsuits purportedly challenging the election are a huge money-making opportunity for the Trump campaign. If you read the fine print on the new fundraising e-mails Trump’s campaign is sending out to supporters, they say that “60 percent of contributions” will go toward retiring campaign debt.

There it is. Always Be Grifting. The most ardent Trumpists don’t mind the grift — moves like these adduce his business acumen. Maybe on January 21 the former president can hire Kyle Chapman, who looks like he has broken from Proud Boys to pursue a segregationalist “agenda.”

Meanwhile Biden’s votes, like COVID infections, continue their inexorable climb, the highest earned by a challenger since FDR’s landslide in 1932. In the former vice president the armed forces will get a commander in chief who, I say with a long sigh, rarely missed a Senate vote to deploy them. I hope, with no proof, he understands what has changed since 9-11. Campaigning on a restoration does not give me confidence.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

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