Ten things I learned from the 2020 election

Election cycles prove edifying for HTV’s most prolific poster. Now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look like they will ride to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January with or without the president’s cooperation, let me take stock:

1. The gin and tonic is the cocktail best suited for endurance.

2. In South Florida, no victory is complete without a tropical disturbance as coda.

3. When you see a plenitude of yard signs for a candidate, believe the district’s level of intensity.

4. Many fervent Trump supporters disregard his attacks on science and mask anyway.

5. Attacking candidates as socialists and police defunders works without a robust party apparatus as a bulwark.

6. To knock on doors would not have clashed with the Biden campaign’s policy of protecting its candidate.

7. Cable news will accept as many invitations for Abigail Spanberger types even when the president-elect already mirrors the thinking of Spanberger types.

8. Democrats would rather pay former Republican solons at The Lincoln Project and watch them laugh to the bank rather than recruit young liberals to think of ideas just as creative but cheaper.

9. Coverage of political horse races must cease when the news of Alex Trebek’s death breaks.

10. Harold Budd and Brian Eno’s Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror is healthier than Xanax.

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