From the annals of MAGAism

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)[/caption]

Thanks to Tropical Storm Eta, I had my first conversation with a Trumper this morning. My upstairs neighbor, the alcoholic and emphysemic with the MAGA flag flapping like a caught fish from a skiff, bumped into me, masked, as he went for his bike. We bantered in Spanish about our experiences with last night’s incredible rain.

“My wife almost told me to take down the flag because she was afraid it would fly away,” he said. “But I’m keeping it up as long as I can.”

“Uh huh.”

“Not until we settle this fraud.”

“Did you vote?”

“Stood in line for an hour two weeks ago.” He beamed like a guy who found a fresh pack of Schlitz next to his toilet.

“If fraud happened, why wouldn’t we discount the House and Senate races? They’re on the same ballot, you might remember.”

He gave me the abject, stupefied look of a guy who wants to think of a comeback but can’t. I said good morning and walked away.

One thought on “From the annals of MAGAism

  1. The problem is: they’re not going away any time soon. Brainwash is hard to cleanse.
    Look at what happened here in 2016 with the now incumbernt vice-president (and de facto president)

    Rings a bell? She’s not only a criminal. Is a far-left populist who has worked her presidency to divide and brainwash an entire generation into believing she’s a “progressive”. These minions don’t recognize she’s a crook but blame her many open court cases, time and again, the “inventions” of the media and the opposition.

    She came back in 2019’s elections because her party decimated with lies and obstacles the re-election of a moderate who only wanted to get back to normalcy from the brink of facism. He couldn’t. His party divided in the process and peronistas of different stripes made a coalition to get back to power. The result: She came back reloaded and willing to finish with what was left of democracy for good.

    What’s more: the one who voted for the former moderate and didn’t help him re-elected are far-right dissillutioned who support Trump publicly. Need I say more?

    Invert the ideological coordenates and I’m concern of this could happen there, too.

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