Ranking Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry’s album closers

Few people realize “Spin Me Around” works as a rough draft for “Avalon.” The last track on Roxy Music’s still underappreciated Manifesto begins with the line “Now the ballroom’s empty/Everybody I have known has been and gone.” Instead of Ferry’s synth, an electric piano and celeste. The latter-day Roxy his emphasize Bryan Ferry’s increased detachment: he found this island Earth a mystery, and why not if he loved like he did.

But before that point he wrote and sang odes to his Prairie Rose and explained what pleasure signified. Oddly, his solo songs got slower but the concluding tracks more passionate. The Eno collaboration “I Thought” is what both fan bases expected after thirty years; “Chain Reaction” from the forgotten Mamouna shows Ferry’s mincing at his most fetching.


Running Wild
Heart on My Sleeve
Send in the Clowns
All Along the Watchtower

Sound, Solid

Another Time, Another Place
Spin Me Round
This Island Earth
Boys + Girls
Bitters End
Chain Reaction
September Song
Bête Noire
In Your Mind
Tender is the Night

Good to Great

Prairie Rose
These Foolish Things
Just Another High
Johnny and Mary
For Your Pleasure
I Thought

5 thoughts on “Ranking Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry’s album closers

  1. These foolish things reminds me of… Just Another High. What a song.
    I,m confused. Is Johnny and Mary a cover of Robert Palmer,s?

  2. I missed this one earlier. When I got a CD of “Frantic” I was stunned by “I Thought” and listened on a loop for over an hour. While it was perhaps foolish to carry high expectations for a Ferry/ Eno team up [“Wildcat Days” was inconclusive] the resulting song was all of that and more. It actually touched the hem of magic again.

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