Watch this space in two months….

Marc Caputo and Ryan Lizza’s nightly POLITICO newsletter includes a bit so obvious that it’s a wonder they understand its implications. Should Joe Biden win the presidency, he will, like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, inherit an economy in flames. What will the GOP do?

We know what happens to the Republican opposition in Washington under those circumstances: They become obsessed with austerity, they withdraw support from legislation they might have embraced under a Republican president, and they focus on crippling the agenda of the new Democratic president as a means of winning the midterm elections.

We also know what happens at the Republican grassroots under these circumstances: Money from well-funded libertarians like the Kochs flows into whatever the next version of the Tea Party is, conspiratorial scandals about the new president — often based on a germ of truth but radically exaggerated — metastasize, and the federal government becomes the main political boogeyman if not an outright enemy.

We saw all of this in 1993 and 1994 with Clinton and again in 2009 and 2010 with Obama. And you could usually see it coming. All of these currents stirred on the right in the 2008 campaign, at the end when it looked like Republicans would lose, and especially at rallies for Sarah Palin.

Well, gosh. Does this mean POLITICO and their brethren will not themselves revert to AUSTERITY and debt ceilings and THINK ABOUT OUR CHILDREN?

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