Ranking George Harrison’s album openers

Praying to Vishnu that his voice wouldn’t get in the way of his guitar, George Harrison led his albums with fewer clunkers than I’d expect from a studio rock devotee who named a jam after himself and the tour he would start. Like McCartney, he relaxed when the limelight shifted to younger and cooler stars. With its debt to Dylan’s “I Want You,” “Give Me Love” earns its #1 status; the rest of his openers take their cue from the increasingly subtle kinks of his slide guitar lines: “Love Comes to Everyone” and “Any Road” are just lovely. The Hague candidates qualify for their grumpiness and concessions to Laura Branigan.

The Hague

Blood from a Clone
Wake Up My Love


Hari’s On Tour (Express)

Sound, Solid

Cloud Nine
Woman Don’t You Cry for Me
I’d Have You Anytime

Good to Great

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
Love Comes to Everyone
Any Road

3 thoughts on “Ranking George Harrison’s album openers

  1. Some days, this is my fav, Harrison song ever. Most of these days is my mood and a prayer.
    And I’m agnosthic. But such is the burden he carries. An everyman so sensitive, so keen on beautiful melodies, so astute to tell Keltner he slow downs the drum kits towards the end so we all could hear his arrythmic heart about to collpase.
    He couldn’t have survived these times.
    The fragile Beatle made his statement here.

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