It’s no game, part 43: Coronavirus update #29

Nine thousand. Good readers, we nearly doubled our case load in twenty-four hours. Y’all know I’m a South Floridian. Even putting aside the truth of anecdotal evidence, I can tell you that, despite the number of cases in Miami-Dade County, everyone is masked, required to by county ordinance since late March; few MAGA-ites complain on social media; and the restaurants I’ve walked past in the last two weeks are desolate things (NB: I’ve stopped eating at them, even outside).

However, this week I learned (a) the principal of my Marist Brothers high school got infected not long after a drive-by graduation (b) several teens at a birthday party held indoors two weekends ago, after months of separation, got infected. If there is a “new normal” in Florida, it’s examples like these: entering unmasked private spaces of people we haven’t seen since March. Moreover, the virus is spreading, guess where, among the poorest and brownest of us. Locals will recognize Cutler Ridge, Brownsville, and Allapattah and know exactly whom I mean. So the poor pay for and with the rest of the stupid people.

However, if social media comments posted by the few relatives I follow is any indication, Ron DeSantis is loathed. Loathed. Un comemierda, I heard last weekend. And now he’s ordered shutting down bars again.

Take care of each other.

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