Get ready for SuperTuesdaypalooza!

I voted today. Guess for whom. Nevertheless, I’ll vote for one of the decrepit, querulous late septuagenarians in November, don’t you worry. As Elizabeth Warren’s chances have diminished, so have my hopes. Whether she’ll fight this battle to the convention gates in a few months we’ll know soon, but a candidate as smart as she wouldn’t bumble, I assume, into that catastrophe.

Yet it’s marvelous to read Bernie Sanders’ online fans urging her to drop out when I doubt they would urge Sanders to follow similar advice should he lose the nomination to Joe Biden. For the worst of his online wolves, “The DNC” is as sinister and corrosive as Donald Trump if not worse. And I worry – I’ve written about my worries. But as the hyperlink indicates I’m comin’ round. If dear old Adam Gopnick at The New Yorker can, so can other libs:

But, if Bernie’s army is to win power—rather than practice the bad New Left tradition of losing and then blaming someone else—it’ll have no alternative but to learn the lessons of the past along with those of the present, which means the painful work of actually building coalitions and practicing politics. The choice between purism and pluralism is the essential choice between failed American leftism of all kinds and the kind of F.D.R.-era liberalism that Sanders claims to emulate. Members of his army will have to rise to the occasion; the occasion has already risen to them.

Let us also rise to the occasion before we sink. As a Floridian, I mean it.

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