After New Hampshire: the state of the race

To hang out on liberal-not-radical sites is to chug weekly from the lees of despair. These are the places where my preferred candidate Elizabeth Warren triumphs, and where she can never do wrong but be wronged. I’ve expended hundreds of words explaining why she would’ve been the Democratic Party’s best candidate, hence best president, but the voters in white Iowa and New Hampshire have not agreed.

So I turn cold-eyed. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has the momentum, so to Bernie Sanders I turn, increasingly. Already I see a far more courteous version of the #Berniebro pathology from the Anyone Not Sanders side who thinks he’ll (a) court no new voters (b) will serve as a disastrous West Wing administrator. Certainly reading the news about Trump’s Justice Department interfering like mob lawyers with decades-long sentencing guidelines affecting Roger Stone, one of the slimiest people in American public life, acts as a fire blanket.

But for fuck’s sake! Why would I surrender this country to this crew of sociopaths and charlatans, especially when Americans significantly poorer and browner than me will suffer for my cowardice? We won more than 40 seats in 2018. The fuck is wrong with you people? I know comment threads depend on performative angst, but I won’t let this sullenness smother me, not when, as usual, it’s we POC who don’t have the luxury of crossing our arms and sighing, “Well, 2022 looks good for Dems in the Senate….”

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