Ranking Elvis Costello’s discography 1977-2004

I’ve dealt with this obstinate fellow several times in this blog, but this morning a conversation about Armed Forces with a twenty-year-old (!) deejay reminded me that Elvis Costello and his back catalog will thrive so long as young men want pun-derous blankets with which to cover their fear of women. I stopped caring after 2004, so here we are.

The Hague

Mighty Like a Rose


Goodbye Cruel World
Punch the Clock

Sound, Solid

Armed Forces
Imperial Bedroom
Painted from Memory
Taking Liberties
Almost Blue
When I Was Cruel
Brutal Youth
All This Useless Beauty
The Juliet Letters (w/the Brodsky Quartet)

Good to Great

This Year’s Model
Get Happy!!!
My Aim is True
King of America
Blood and Chocolate

2 thoughts on “Ranking Elvis Costello’s discography 1977-2004

  1. postpunkmonk

    Indeed, “Mighty Like A Rose” was so bad I was given the DLX CD of it free, by a friend, and I still got rid of it! I didn’t want it in my house!

    …And then I heard “North.”

    “Mighty Like A Rose!” All is [almost] forgiven! And I tried to listen to “North” TWICE. With a few years between. Big mistake. All of the horror is there at first blush. Re-playing it only compounds the pain.


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