My flawless albums

These albums boast not a single track I skip. I don’t say that I prefer them to others in their oeuvre, just that I play them end to end without cease. Dylan, the Beatles, other warhorses don’t apply. Likewise Neil Young, whose Tonight’s the Night (“Speakin’ Out”), Zuma (“Through the Sails), and Rust Never Sleeps (“Ride My Llama”) don’t qualify. Several beloved albums like Hearsay and Black on Both Sides don’t qualify.

1. Al Green – Call Me
2. Ghostface – Supreme Clientele
3. New Order – Technique
4. Psychedelic Furs – Talk Talk Talk
5. Otis Redding – Otis Blue
6. Richard and Linda Thompson – Shoot Out the Lights
7. Nas – Illmatic
8. Merle Haggard- Serving 190 Proof
9. Aretha Franklin – Lady Soul
10. Television – Marquee Moon
11. Erykah Badu — Baduizm
12. Prince – Dirty Mind
13. Joni Mitchell – Hejira
14. Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Ragged Glory
15. Jazmine Sullivan – Reality Show
16. Led Zeppelin – III
17. Jay-Z – 4:44
18. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
19. Linda Ronstadt – Simple Dreams
20. Kate Bush – Aerial
21. John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
22. Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream
23. John Prine – Sweet Revenge
24. Eric Church – Chief
25. De La Soul – Buhloone Mindstate
26. David Bowie – Low
27. Pistol Annies – Hell on Heels
28. Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street
29. Donald Fagen – The Nightfly
30. Willie Nelson – Stardust
31. CCR – Green River
32. Bjork – Debut
33. Breeders – Last Splash
34. Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings and Food
35. Franco and Rochereau – Omona Wapi

9 thoughts on “My flawless albums

  1. Oliver's Twist

    A few more, to my ears:

    Van Morrison – Moondance
    Donald Fagen – The Nightfly
    Iris DeMent – My Life
    Guns n’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction
    De La Soul – Buhloone Mindstate
    Miles Davis – In a Silent Way
    Otis Redding – Otis Blue
    Willie Nelson – Stardust

  2. Jukebox

    I suscribe MOONDANCE should be here. Not a dud.
    “Sweet is the memory, so hard to come by” that’s how Iris De Ment’s “My Life” begins. How could I’ve forgotten that jewel??
    I’m sorry but “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”!! From start to finish. And that’s a lot for a verbose album from Williams.
    “Stardust” is like voting for one of the American Songbook albums, It’s exquisite but they’re not originals.
    If STARDUST is here I want THE HARDER THEY COME!! Flawless comp.
    I’m thinking where are the duds in COSMO’S FACTORY or SO. Sincerely.
    Agree on Hejira!! Plastic Ono Band!!

  3. K Stephan

    Albert nails a bunch of the ones I’d include. Others on my list (probably being over-generous to certain fave artists):

    Go-Betweens – Before Hollywood; 16 Lovers Lane
    Elvis Costello – This Year’s Model
    David Bowie – Station to Station
    Sleater-Kinney – Dig Me Out; The Hot Rock
    B-52s – s/t
    Miles Davis – In a Silent Way; Sketches of Spain
    Auteurs – New Wave

    In the “SOOO close” category is what may be my all-time favorite album:

    Stranded – Roxy Music (you just don’t always want to sit through 8 minutes of “Psalm”)

    1. humanizingthevacuum Post author

      You’re right about IASW. I skip “The Swimmer” on DMO and “Don’t Like on THR, respectively, and “Wild is the Wind” on STS. 16LL has “The Devil’s Eye” and “Was There Anything I Could Do,” both commonplace, while TYM has “Little Triggers.” NW and B-52’s — maybe?

      I’m Alfred, by the way.

  4. postpunkmonk

    I really must be from a different generation. I have listened to albums for 40+ years and it never occurs to me to ever skip a track in playback. With the exception of a 2010 album by an old favorite who were getting back on the horse after 22 years out of the picture [OMD]. That album in question [“History Of Modern”] had 13 tracks with three of them docking the endeavor a point and a half for their extreme cruddiness. Once I started skipping them about 40 plays in, the net result was a huge improvement in the playback.


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