Ranking Quentin Tarantino films

Worn down by years of the fanboys’ undimmed enthusiasm, I avoided the screening for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I’ll watch it myself on Friday or Saturday morning. The list below is generous. I don’t care for anything after #6, and if I rank Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained at all it’s due to a few undeniable set pieces in each, none of which involve the execrable Christoph Waltz, a performer whose self-adoration is such that he wouldn’t make love to himself because he’s not good enough. As for Pulp Fiction, I fast forward through the Bruce Willis-Maria de Medeiros section; infantilized girlfriend, sodomy, etiolated Ring Lardner fight story results in a bolus too lumpy to swallow.

1. Jackie Brown
2. Death Proof
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Reservoir Dogs
5.Django Unchained
6. Inglorious Basterds
7. Kill Bill Vol. 1
8. Kill Bill Vol. 2
9. Four Rooms
10. The Hateful Eight

3 thoughts on “Ranking Quentin Tarantino films

  1. Jukebox

    Ypu can’t go to a screen with such negativity, Alfred. Give it a chance.. On these shores, we are much more appreciative. You should read this thread in which participates a famous film critic here and jump the likes of Kleber Mendonca Filho and other guestof honors in LaTam cinephilia.
    One thing. They ALL agree with you…https://twitter.com/dlerer/status/1154120588060975105

    PS: The article in The Guardian about “cancel Tarantino” is the reason I jump to defend him even if I’m not a fanboy. But headliners with fascism implicit gets me really maaad. Cancel word should be banished from a critic’s lexicon, period. Maybe the do deserve Boris Johnson after all.

    1. humanizingthevacuum Post author

      Hey, I’m watching it this weekend, gimme a chance to hate it!

      Yes, I loathe “cancel” used in this way.

      1. Jukebox

        Ir spells out loud “I’ll save Sharon from history repeating” Not that I saw it yet but it,s pretty predictable that part. I’ll have no problem with revisionism if it hints to a larger truth. The only thing I read is that it,s Long and laid back for the most part. More character-driven. We’ll see .

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