Ranking Dionne Warwick’s American top 40 hits

The tough older sister of sixties pop, preferring the company of nightclub denizens whom she went home with and who broke her heart; yet she keeps her humor and equipoise. That’s the character Dionne Warwick creates in the songs written by Bacharach-David. Her career needs no defense. She was tougher than her material suggested, and when the popularity of her early material waned she turned to Barry Manilow and Clive Davis — and still triumphed. During the 1980s she hopped around: Barry Gibb, Luther Vandross, Kashif.


Love Power (with Jeffrey Osborne)
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye
No Night So Long

Sound, Solid

Déjà Vu
I’ll Never Love This Way Again
That’s What Friends Are For
Do You Know the Way to San Jose
Promises, Promises
Make It Easy on Yourself

Good to Great

Don’t Make Me Over
Are You There (With Another Girl)
Walk On By
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
Anyone Who Had a Heart
Reach Out for Me
Message to Michael
Then Came You (with the Spinners)
Trains and Boats and Planes
You’ll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)
I Say a Little Prayer

4 thoughts on “Ranking Dionne Warwick’s American top 40 hits

  1. Jukebox

    I prefer the Aretha version of that song, like 10.000 times. Otherwise graet list. I’m seriously considering your love for “Never Love Again” as top Bacharach/David 1970, above Carpenters and Bj Thomas of couse. I never knew what to do with the “phone ya/neumonia” couplet, though. It seems like lazy rhyming but my limitations with the language might be deceiving me (help!).

    On a side note, is was really wird being in Miami circa 1994 and see Warwick as a TV Host in a psychic show not very different from the one with the doofus with long hair that read your horoscope in Spanish: “A ti te hablo, Virgo!” What was his name? Bizarre Miami TV moments. Like worse than NYC Telemundo bizarre I mean! Is she keeping with it?

  2. Jukebox

    You know what you had right about, too? “Hey Jude”. Saw the video for the first time in ages. It’s cringeworthy, omg. Why did this song awoke some sort of euphoria once upon a time in me? I just couldn’t get past the “all together now” finale. But I still think “Let it Be” sucks, too. Suspiciously, both videos start the same: Macca at piano looking at the camera with his “lamb-like innocent looking” and you know that will be a disaster from then on. It’s his “earnest” looking. I hate his guts on that mode.


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