Annals of corruption, #4561

In a story about the GOP’s political chances in 2020, please note the sophistication of the nation’s Paper of Record:

But both parties have overwhelming incentives to push next year’s election toward issues of the heart, not the head.

For Republicans, the arrival in Washington of liberal women of color such as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with some top Democratic presidential candidates running toward the left, has created irresistible political temptations. With new bogeywomen to caricature, and explosive liberal issues like reparations for the descendants of enslaved blacks, voting rights for prisoners and federal benefits for undocumented immigrants, G.O.P. officials have even more fodder for the sort of scorched-earth, and unabashedly racist, campaign that Mr. Trump ran in 2016.

These new targets offer fresh material with which Republicans can galvanize their base and try to make the case to moderate voters that, while they may be uneasy with the Trump-era G.O.P., the alternative is left-wing radicalism.

Two men, according to the byline, crafted the tough prose of the one-sentence graf quoted above. In the second graf, Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns can barely contain their enthusiasm.

We’re all going to die.

6 thoughts on “Annals of corruption, #4561

  1. Jukebox

    Sorry. Off topic. But I saw the Fox Interview with Buttigieg. This man has a CLEARLY an intuitive way of dealing with Grumpf most grotesquerie interventions. Its EXACTLY what a populist right-winger or left winger despise and make them nervous to be even more grotesque. It’s not playing the charisma but hollow card (Beto) the old man angry socialist card (Bernie) the self-righteouss, principled card (Biden)
    I don’t know Warren or Harris, but a woman (regretfully) still a liability to less hardcore Reps.
    I’m not even sure Buttigieg is ready or make a good president. Does it matter, now?

    How come he’s not receiveing massive support? because he’s gay? He’s an outsider, then.

    It’s TOTALLY the card that has made megalomaniac coroks bite the dust down here. Always.

    1. Jukebox

      “For, really, the Smart Reader has no business supporting Buttigieg when one candidate has day after day released one detailed policy position after another while at town halls challenging her vehemence into empathy. Because Elizabeth Warren’s novelty has frayed and because she’s a woman, however, the Democratic primary voter subset remains unmoved, preferring the querulous septuagenarian Joe Biden and the inflexible septuagenarian Bernie Sanders, the latter showing his age at the FOX town hall last week when the frequency with which he brays talking points — a clever tactic in 2016 — sounds like the actions of a frail mind clawing at the familiar. Warren can do the stemwinder. She can make contact with a voter one to one.”

      YES he has. IMAGE IS everything. We way passed meritocracy here. Candidates rule the day by handling social networks. Dems need to appeal some of the base in the GOP. It’s the DUH way. Of course, purist liberals will run away. A mistake!

      1. humanizingthevacuum Post author

        In 2019 it’s no longer possible to continue the Dems’ enervated and increasingly immoral strategy of adjusting policy for the sake of Obama-voting Trumpists. I don’t want racists in the party, not when the people we sent to Congress last year are a repudiation of those people. Why would we hurt the majority of Dem voters who want liberal policy?

        The Dem governor of Louisiana, for example, signed a bill curtailing abortion rights yesterday. For the sake of a few thousand voters who will turn on him at any moment, he’s deflating the Dem base in his state AND ruining the lives of women.

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