Singles 2/8

Meaty and bouncy, with a worthwhile intellectual’s distillation of a crisis in clear English, “Harmony Hall” augurs well for Vampire Weekend’s first album in six years (here’s how long it’s been: Spotify didnt yet count toward album “consumption”). But it’s barely better than Luna and Mero’s efforts, and Cardi B’s credited co-writer came up with decent rapping on his own. 

I am condemned to never understand Chris Stapleton.

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Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall (7)
Luna – Even So (6)
Pardison Fontaine ft. Cardi B – Backin’ It Up (6)
Mero – Hobby Hobby (6)
American Football ft. Hayley Williams – Uncomfortably Numb (5)
Jack Savoretti – Candlelight (5)
James Blake ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin – Mile High (5)
Stephen Malkmus – Viktor Borgia (4)
Ocean Alley – Confidence (4)
Jolin Tsai – Ugly Beauty (4)
Utada Hikaru & Skrillex – Face My Fears (3)
Chris Stapleton – Millionaire (1)

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