Joe Biden, it’s time to retire

This squib didn’t make much news last November, but it deserves mention now that “Morning” Joe and “Mika” and plagiarist Mike Barnacle sigh over the phenomenon of a Democratic Party too woke, too black, too gay, and too progressive to have brunch with at Cokie Roberts’ place on Sunday. The former vice president Joseph R. Biden campaigned for GOP Michigan representative Fred Upton. He said the following:

Mr. Biden stunned Democrats and elated Republicans by praising Mr. Upton while the lawmaker looked on from the audience. Alluding to Mr. Upton’s support for a landmark medical-research law, Mr. Biden called him a champion in the fight against cancer — and “one of the finest guys I’ve ever worked with.”

Mr. Biden’s remarks, coming amid a wide-ranging discourse on American politics, quickly appeared in Republican advertising. The local Democratic Party pleaded with Mr. Biden to repair what it saw as a damaging error, to no avail. On Nov. 6, Mr. Upton defeated his Democratic challenger by four and a half percentage points.

Upton beat his opponent by four points, depriving Democrats of one more victory to punch into Donald Trump’s face.

The rest of the NYT story explains Biden’s lucrative speechmaking since leaving office in January 2017, a development that, to quote Thomas Jefferson, neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. Let him make a couple million a year, he’s old, dude can huff and weep and barnstorm at a commencement ceremony like the best of them. But we don’t need a candidate whose first instinct is to break bread with an enemy that will break him in half. We have little common ground in politics. The party that wins dictates the national agenda. Insofar as Joseph R. Biden has an agenda, it’s masticating his centrist DLC-approved former positions as a senator into a thick dense bolus. Stay home, Joe.

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