Won’t take nothing but a memory: The best of Miranda Lambert

Possessing a voice too thin and high for crooning but ideal for a conversation in which she reaches for sardonicism as if it were a glass of water, Miranda Lambert writes and finds songs whose characters keep their heads even when last night they were out of theirs. She followed Kerosene — a remarkable debut, still unheralded compared to later lesser albums — with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — a remarkable followup, held in too high regard compared to later deeper albums. Assessing her is difficult. Loyalties shift. Learning that the double The Weight of These Wings displaced Platinum as her best would have astonished me when the latter became my favorite album of 2014 (it still might be). When I say “Miranda Lambert is the sharpest American singer-songwriter,” I get tolerant smiles from friends who aren’t in the music writing steez. And I remember that Nashville treated her as a novelty too until “The House That Built Me” kickstarted a half decade of huge airplay hits. Young, forthright, becoming aware of her power as a bandleader, Lambert may produce another stunning twenty-five run of hits.

1. Kerosene
2. Bathroom Sink
3. Guilty in Here
4. Vice
5. More Like Her
6. Locomotive
7. Pink Sunglasses
8. Mama’s Broken Heart
9. The House That Built Me
10. Another Sunday in the South
11. Only Prettier
12. Runnin’ Just in Case
13. Down
14. Me and Charlie Talking
15. Smoking Jacket
16. Settling Down
17. I Wanna Die
18. Dry Town
19. Things That Break
20. Dark Bars
21. Use My Heart
22. Automatic
23. Maintain the Pain
24. Track Record
25. Famous in a Small Town

6 thoughts on “Won’t take nothing but a memory: The best of Miranda Lambert

  1. There isn’t one song I don’t love that Miranda sings … For they are real and you feel what she’s singing … sometimes I think … she knows me personally and she saying what I couldn’t find the word to say .. I love her strength and Love !!! Nobody can come close to her heartfelt soul … I wished I could meet her one day in concerts meet and greet .

  2. yea she is the best gets to youre very soul i would love to meet her well thats my dream to come to nashville and give her the biggest hug ever

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