The best of Bob Mould, Hüsker Dü

The severer Hüsker Dü-er was less goofy and willing to ride a melody during his tenure in that intermittently great band than the late Grant Hart, but his concentration and deployment of stun-guitar subtleties remain models.I could have looked beyond fifteen, but this will do — it’ll shake up the citizens on my wall.

These rankings mean something.

1. “Games” (Flip Your Wig)
2. “Something I Learned Today” (Zen Arcade)
3. “Real Thing” (Metal Circus)
4. “Makes No Sense at All” (Flip Your Wig)
5. “Celebrated Summer” (New Day Rising)
6. “It’s Not Peculiar” (Warehouse: Songs and Stories)
7. “Hate Paper Doll” (Flip Your Wig)
8. “Ice Cold Ice” (Warehouse: Songs and Stories)
9. “Hardly Getting Over It” (Candy Apple Grey)
10. “Friend, You’ve Got to Fall” (Warehouse: Songs and Stories)
11. “I Apologize” (New Day Rising)
12. “Too Far Gone” (Candy Apple Grey)
13. “”Lifeline” (Metal Circus)
14. “I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About” (New Day Rising)
15. “Could You Be the One?” (Warehouse: Songs and Stories)

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