The best of the rest by Queen

A difficult category, for the title assumes the other members of Queen served as Freddie Mercury’s accessories. Chary of finishing their material with the details that make deep dives possible, Queen too often left promising songs at the concept level. Yet, as the list below indicates, the rhythm section contributed their strongest material after 1980’s The Game, their only U.S. #1 album; they wrote their sturdiest anthems.

1. “Back Chat” (John Deacon)
2. “A Kind of Magic” (Roger Taylor)
3. “Under Pressure” (Queen/David Bowie)
4. “The Invisible Man” (Roger Taylor)
5. “Hammer to Fall” (Brian May)
6. “Dragon Attack” (Brian May)
7. “You’re My Best Friend” (John Deacon)
8. “Calling All Girls” (Roger Taylor)
9. “39” (Brian May)
10. “I Want to Break Free” (John Deacon)
11. “The Miracle” (Freddie Mercury/John Deacon)
12. “Dancer” (Brian May)
13. “Radio Ga Ga” (Roger Taylor)
14. “Brighton Rock” (Brian May)
15. “These Are the Days of Our Lives (Roger Taylor)

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