Ten phenomena of college life, 2019

I’m in a position to know as student, faculty member, and former administrator. This is how college life has changed in the new millennium:

1. The professor who name drops Post-Malone to be hip.
2. Choosing from chicken piccata or a mushroom flatbread with a black olive pesto at the cafeteria.
3. Finding an empty table from whch to text the friend across from you.
4. Wondering why the library has more books than space.
5. Sharing handouts with students who put it aside to read the copy you’ve uploaded.
6. Professors who treat PowerPoint like theater actors instead of Method actors
7. The following email intro: “Hello, Professor X. I hope this email finds you well…”
8. Professors who round down GPAs instead of up.
9. Arriving early to a classroom to secure the only power outlet.
10. Exclamation points

2 thoughts on “Ten phenomena of college life, 2019

  1. One of my “fun” college experiences in the ’90s was the prof who showed up drunk to a class and spent 10 minutes setting up slides of paintings while playing a Neil Young tape. (half the slides turned out to be upside down once class got underway.) Maybe in 2018, he’d play Cardi B on his iPhone after vaping legal weed.

    • How fortunate! At my public university in the ’90s he’d barely get away with showing up drunk. Now he’d have a police escort waiting for him to empty out his office.

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