The best of Christine McVie

Take that, readers: I stuck in material recorded before the arrival of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks too unjustly forgotten, with particular attention to “Come a Little Bit Closer,” a Ron Wood-George Harrison period recording (who says the eighties are the only decade whose pop material is ‘dated’?) enlivened by godly singing. A few solo songs from the okay 1984 eponymous album too. Bob Welsh’s fills on “Remember Me” are as prickly as anything Lindsey Buckingham contributed to “Over My Head” or “Say You Love Me,” the tunes with which it has most in common. This is a list where “Little Lies” is her eighth best song.

When listeners are young, I suppose McVie’s warm ways sounded dowdy beside Stevie Nicks’ crystal visions and Buckingham’s Guitar God hysterics. Her achievements are considerable. Most of the hits were hers. In the only album the band recorded without her, Nicks and Buckingham wore out my patience; their self-absorption absorbs galaxies.

Here are twenty-one lovely songs:

1. You Make Loving Fun
2. Isn’t It Midnight
3. Hold Me
4. Brown Eyes/Never Make Me Cry
5. Spare Me a Little of Your Love
6. Warm Ways
7. Think About Me
8. Little Lies
9. Everywhere
10. Mystified
11. Never Forget
12. Remember Me
13. Got a Hold on Me
14. Heroes Are Hard to Find
15. Say You Love Me
16. Over and Over
17. Come a Little Bit Closer
18. Over My Head
19. The Smile I Live For
20. Red Sun
21. Songbird

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