Carlos Curbelo: ‘The post-Trump chapter has to start being written now’

Defeated congressman Carlos Curbelo offered a coherent post-mortem to The Miami Herald, which also served as an analysis of how Debbie Mucarsel-Powell wrested my Clinton-leaning from the GOP for the first time since 2012. She won because Trumpism was doomed in my district anyway but also because the national party dropped a bundle. Mostly she won because in every Durcasel-Powell, a former FIU assistant dean, focused on healthcare, healthcare, healthcare:

With the campaign behind him, Curbelo is free to ruminate on the future of a Republican Party where those who remain in elected office are increasingly reliant on the president. He stopped short of saying the country would be a better place if Trump were to lose reelection in 2020, but did say the GOP needs to begin preparing for the post-Trump era.


“This party has to understand that if we’re going to have a small government, free enterprise party in America, that Trumpism isn’t the future for such a party,” Curbelo said. “Everyone has to understand that the post-Trump chapter has to start being written now. No matter how the White House or anyone else wants to frame it, since Donald Trump has dominated Republican politics House Republicans have lost 47 seats.”

Mentioned in the article is the fact that Curbelo served on the committee that helped draft the tax bill on which he and other congressional Republicans who mourn the collapse of small government and free enterprise gambled on reelection.

Curbelo is no fool. I suspect he’ll be back. Already rumors center around his running for mayor of Miami-Dade County. Certainly a wonderful lobbyist’s job earning six figures beckons. I mention him, though, because his comments adduce his convictions that a unicorn GOP exists without Donald Trump, sane and responsible and salubrious. Growing up hearing the myths about Ronald Reagan growing as high as an elephant’s eye, Curbelo has never known party leaders for whom government isn’t the problem. He has had the luck to campaign as a sane, responsible, salubrious Republican in a Democratic district. The luck has run out, and so has the patience of voters.

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