Ten more things to hate with delight

Why not continue a list I can double and treble?

1. Self-empowerment
2. Salad dressings
3. Kanye defenders after 2010
4. Ernest Hemingway after 1926
5. Christoph Waltz
6. Rum and Coke
7. “I listen to everything except country”
8. Taking the elevator up/down one story if you don’t have a disability
9. Political reporters
10. Discussing an artist’s intentions

6 thoughts on “Ten more things to hate with delight

  1. Oliver's Twist

    I’m from the U.K. where ‘I listen to everything except rap’ is just as common, and just as irksome. Why anyone would boast about ignorance of an entire genre of music is beyond me

  2. YourGauchoAmigo

    1. Burritos
    2. Inflatable mattresses
    3. Locution: “I don’t trust”, as in “i don’t think I would trust a burrito from ….” …Stockholm?
    4. Pajamas on the plane and attendant accessories (neck pillow, etc)
    5. Grime-coated bottles of condiment
    6. Clean, articulare white people — on trains, in restaurants — oblivious to the inescapable loudness of their voices.
    7. Take-out of the Seamless variety: cold food at restaurant prices with none of the service.
    8. Bottled water
    9. The bellowing of Andrew Cuomo , whose speeches contain too many exclamation points ; dispense with exposition, cut straight to peroration ; in which every lugubrious syllable is e -nun- ci – a – ted in a tone that alternates between feigned incredulity and controlled impatience, as to an audience of Kindergarteners.
    10. Premise: “hangry” — grow the fuck up.

  3. Jukebox

    On thing I truly HATE right now: In the Sha-ha-sha-ha-llow, in the Sha-ha-sha-ha-llow, we’re far from the shallow nooow… (sing as “sincere” as possible, Bradley told Stefani Germanotta) Sha-ha-ha-ha-lloooowww…. When this song wins the Oscar I will be trying to hang myself.
    I’m not seeing the movie just because this ruin it for me (and because I saw them three times already. Enough is enough)


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