Ten things to hate with delight

Here are ten things for which I can find no rational defense.

1. Used coffee grounds
2. Baseball caps
3. Pancakes
4. Insisting on parking close to a building instead of under shade.
5. Mimosas
6. “Prior to” instead of “before.”
7. Cory Booker
8. Customers who glance worriedly at me for reading at a bar instead of thumbing my phone
9. “I want to get into reading.”
10. Drake

6 thoughts on “Ten things to hate with delight

  1. Jukebox

    For some reason, I expected Kanye instead of Drake in this list. But I forgot for a minute this is a music blog and not some list of egomaniacal assholes. I like some Drake tracks (three, in fact) and pancakes. Mimosa is a really nice word in Spanish, I have no idea what it means in English.
    Oh, and I HATE Mariah’s music. That makes me an uncool gay man, I know. And Celine Dion. And heat plus humidity. Enough not to move to Miami. But I an pay a visit.

    I really want to know what’s your take on Jenkins’ “Private Life” if you’ve seen it. My favorite critics here seem to like it. And cinephile friends, too. I feel like a Philistine. I’m the Armond White of Netflix.

  2. steeveecom

    Per your mention on Twitter, Ghostface is very talented but I tuned out for good due to his apparent death threat towards “faggots” on Raekwon’s “House of Flying Daggers.” Is that the source of your hatred?

      1. humanizingthevacuum Post author

        He’s a bad actor. Every time he pontificates, smarm comes out of his pours. Which doesn’t mean I won’t vote for him in 2020.

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